Cooke's Custom Holsters started making high quality custom holsters in 2012. Our owner was tired of only having bulky and expensive holsters available for concealment, range and competition use.  The first prototype holsters were a hit with many shooters and took off from there. Check us out....You will not be disappointed. All of our holsters are proudly hand made in Stockton, Utah.  We are not the cookie cutter holster makers that have flooded the market recently.  Each holster is hand cut, hand fit and finished to the high quality standard that everyone should look for in holsters. Our processes are closely controlled to make sure that we do not deliver a product that may fail due to improper manufacturing and cutting corners to save time and money.  Only the best comes from Cooke's Custom Holsters. Sometimes that means there is a back log and a wait. It is worth it to get quality.